Our estate

Our stud farm is located between rivers and fields, at the heart of a peaceful nature, since 1994. 

The horses are born and grow up together, they are entirely free. They have at their disposal 20 hectares of land around our property. Their freedom of movement on this hilly land favours a good muscular development. Their nutrition is rich and varied thanks to the vast pastures and the abundant flora.


For their comfort during winter, they can shelter in boxes. They also have access to a stall entirely designed for their wellness, so that they can live together all year long.


We recently put up a grooming area entirely thought for the well-being of the horses. So we can take care of everyone of them serenely.


Our facilities are ideal to educate the horses : our indoor arena is 30x20 m wide and is covered with Fontainebleau sand, our outdoor arena is 40x25 m wide. Thus they develop their capacities in the best conditions. 

At present Nadador lives with his broodmares, colts and fillies. The foals are not weaned, they naturally separate from their parents and yet remain integrated in the community.

Thus the foals grow up close to both their parents, who provide them with a stable and respectful education.


Our mere presence and group work, gentle and balanced, are the keys of horses ‘ socialization with man.

The colts and fillies are calm and reassured, so our contribution to their education is easier all through their development. 


Damien is as passionate as I am. With his help we built our house and the stable on Rotenberg hill. We currently take care of 20 horses, we try to provide them with a very natural life, so that they can grow up and develop together.

Improving their living conditions respectfully is our main aim.  

More pictures in the slide show below :

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