Our stud

Nadador HBM III


Black pangaré stallion

Born April 16th 2005

By Carpintero XIV and Nadadora XXII

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Nadador is our main stud for reproduction. He is from Guardiola Lineage and he is 1.70 m tall.


Nadador lives in complete freedom with his broodmares, colts and fillies.


The nobility of his character, his sensitivity, his confidence and his generosity are his highest qualities. Thus he appears to be an exceptional horse.



Nadador is a sport horse, endowed with a great strength, a beautiful presence and a lot of style. He's a real SIR.


He passes on to his foals his neck's length and base, which are essential distinguishing features for dressage.


Nadador is a well balanced horse, he's functional and perfectly suitable for dressage. His back is very well structured and shows a beautiful line. His lovely walk is wide and decomposed, thanks to his trot coming from his shoulder. His back remarkably strong allows a wide and balanced gallop, as well as a beautiful propulsion.


Emperatriz PM II

Dun mare (Baya)

Born August 8th 2010

By Divo PM and Emperadora MS



Luminosa PM


Dun mare  (Baya oscura)

Born September 1st 2010

By Divo PM and Luminosa XXI


In foal for 2016



Ebonita II



Grey mare

Born April 11th 1992

By Furioso XIX 1983 and Falela




Buleria LI



Bay mare

Born February 2nd 1998

By Español XIII and Niebla III






Grey mare

Born April 04th 2000

By Prado and Querella VII



Urraca des Gachots


Grey mare

Born February 3rd 2008

By Revoltoso XXVI  and Princesa XXI



Chata III



Bay mare

Born March 27th 1990

By Bucanero IV and Novata VI

Doña Verano


Grey filly

Born June 21st 2013  

By Nadador HBM III and Ebonita II


Will grow up in our stud

El Rey III


Black colt a/a E/E

Born May 08th 2014

By Nadador HBM III and Chata II


Will grow up in our stud



Dun Male

Born July 09th 2015

By Nadador HBM III and Emperatriz PM II

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